No prior experience is necessary.  Come learn how to bring healing comfort and calm to any condition - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual by applying Reiki to yourself and others-including our furry friends!!  Learn how to confidently deliver effective Reiki treatments. This class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience. Hands-on practice includes giving and receiving a Reiki treatment.  


Take your Reiki to the next level! 

Learn powerful symbols and techniques. 

In Reiki II training, you will learn the authentic Reiki symbols which are used to activate the higher Reiki energies. Learn what each sacred Reiki symbol represents, how it works, and practice using them along with advanced Reiki II techniques.  Learn how to do distance Reiki and how to effectively create positive changes using the emotional/mental symbol and technique.


 This is NOT your ordinary Reiki Master Class!! A smorgasbord of ADVANCED Reiki Healing techniques including Chakra Clearing, cord cutting and many others will be taught in conjunction with your Reiki Master Attunement. Lots of hands on practice and guidance to take you to the next level!